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I want to emphasize that this battle between Adwords Ban webmaster, and your genuinely, the Get Adwords Unbanned webmaster has really heated up! If you are just read this 2nd part of a 2 part posting, please click on this Adwords Banned link to get caught up on the WAR prior to reading this. How do I know this? When I perfected my process in early 2008, I searched high and low for potential competitors and just so you know, there are around 23 related key phrases to this issues, of which, adwords banned is but 1.
I wasn't a SEO Expert in those days as I am now, so I just struggled along, getting my Adwords hustle on (sorry Sven) breaking into the Google Adwords Forum and obtaining banned again every time. After a year and 9 months, I had learned a lot and had ROCKED my internet sites to the top spots on Google and then something incredible happened, the Huge GOOGLE BANS of September 09 and December 09 happened and it launched me (and I am certain my nemesis) into the primary stream!
Then I committed the ultimate sin in web marketing my pals, I FORGOT about them! The next time I noticed them, they had gotten the #2 spot in my primary keyword market (I am #1). Enough about them though. Our CEO and Founder, Donald Stummer gave us the directive to develop an even simpler way for banned advertisers to get their companies back with Google. This cuts via all of the red tape and removes each and every bit of guess work possible from the Adwords Recovery Procedure.

Oh sorry, this post is supposed to be for my readers and not the webmaster at Never being 1 to run from great competition, I want to formally welcome my good friend and fierce competitor from the web page in the #2 spot in this keyword market. OK, for you my readers, just a bit of background on how me and the 2nd place finisher in this keyword marketplace came to be fierce combatants for your enterprise. A few years ago, I was banned from Adwords for poor web site content and I couldn't for the life of me figure out what that meant.
So never being 1 to just give up, I set out on a journey to locate out how to get my Adwords back so I could operate my company. Yeah, no such keyword I know, shows you how stupid I was then and how far I have come in my search engine marketing wizardry. I was one of those children when the teacher said some thing that she thought was pretty smart, I would constantly ask "Why?" She would give an additional answer to try and support her first answer and I would again ask "Why" in eternity. So, I went back into the Forum and proclaimed that I had in fact gotten back into Adwords and was running a campaign. I have been back into the forum numerous times since then, mostly going in to get new enterprise, every time I am banned again but I have been selling my bestselling book, Get Adwords Unbanned since then. That leads me to my friend and sometime competitor, they STOLE my book, copied it and are now selling it. He was PISSED since he couldn't figure out how my URL, opening line and header didn't have that keyword in it, but yet I grabbed the #1 spot from He and the #2 spot from the Google Forum to ROCK to #1. If you go to that keyword on Google now, he and I are #2 and #three respectively.
This means even though you are acquiring email opt-ins, are they converting to sales?
After 6 months of being the #1 and #3 internet sites in their keyword markets, they just weren't converting, so, I closed them down.

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