Amazon Suspension 8625

The forth reason for suspension is if you're repeatedly violating copyright or infringement laws. Just before engaging in any enterprise, rules and regulations need to be familiarize. Once this occurs Amazon will notify the seller and request payment.


In conclusion, there are other causes why your Amazon account may well be suspended. They have already extended their service to you, you pay only after they have supplied this service. If you had been in violated 1 of Amazons policies, it could result suspension which could distory your enterprise. Once your fees are due, they are due.

Last and undoubtedly not least, is when a seller is unfairly suspended via no fault of their own. So it only makes sense that they may well suspend your account if you're not paying them for their service.




If you are in this field, you are probably making a lot of funds. Make certain you know the policies. Success and prosperity aren't likely to occur if all members behave this way.



If somebody complains to Amazon about your product, the investigation will start. All companies operate this way. A lot of individuals experienced this already, they receive negative feedback or complaints from buyers even if they do their job properly. Put your scenario in their shoes. If you feel that Amazon may possibly have suspended you unfairly try contacting them and explain your situations. Like any other companies, it has policies in place to guarantee a harmonious relationship between the seller and Amazon. This can be known to occur accidentally out in a clumsy behavior. Initial and foremost 1 reason why you get suspended is neglecting the rules and regulations of Amazon. Below I outline the various reasons why Amazon's account get suspended.


Amazon has greatly helped thousands of people to succesfully sell online. In most instances it may well take a few days but Amazon will contact you.

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